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Al primo giorno della mostra

Certificati Aziendali

    Al primo giorno della mostra

    Data Emissione:2016-06-20

    La 21a fiera di saldatura e taglio di BeiJing Essen si è svolta con successo come il programma di Bei Jing del 2016, 14-17, al quale partecipano un gran numero di aziende provenienti da tutto il mondo.

    At the first day of the exhibition, people waiting for the exhibition have squashed in the fair at 9 o'clock in the morning, creating a significantly warm atmosphere and many companies exhibited their new products with enthusiasm.Even though every company’s products have their own merits and distinctive styles such as the Japan pavilion, characterized by the theme of robot, the Us pavilion filled with innovation, the most compelling was TOPWELL pavilion.

    The TOPWELL’ main color was red,black,white, which symbolizes power ,purity and the growth respectively, which corresponded with the uniform clothing of their staff. Finally, their enthusiastic service and professional technology leaded to a cheerful cooperation with clients from France, India,Thailand.

    We are looking forward to future pleasant cooperation in the following days.


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